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What the fuck just happend? [Sep. 25th, 2005|10:10 pm]
sooo i had an interesting experience tonight.. i really was convinced tonight was going to be one of those boring nights where we sit around playing katamari, were are hungry so kyle, ates and i go to pita pit to get food. we cant find ne seats so we go sit at this hookah bar where we see some kid ask some guy " Yo i need a ride" " the guy is like "you need a what?" the kid goes " you kno a riiiide" so we all are just sitting there thinking wtf is this kid on? the he goes over and stands randomly next to two girls. then a black guy comes out and tells us he needs a ride too! wow wtf is going on with all these cracked out people. So of course Ates agree's to give this crack head and his friend a ride to "colonial and alafaya" haha so we are driving to there destination and they tell us the have glass pipes and try to convice us to buy one by showing us all their glass peices. Then they ask to use the phone then take them to the racetrack gas station. by this time im thinking that they are gunna grab me and rob me.. we get to the gas station and i ask the quiet white guy if he is from around here. he proceeded to tell me that he was from hawaii. im like wow thats cool so did u just move here he is like no ive lived here for 6 years. we all start laughing and the guys just keeps weirding us out. So the black guy gets outta the car to get "water" and he takes ates's cell phone and talks on it for about 5 minutes in front of the car ..at one point he was even like crouching on the ground doing weird shit. okay so i officially was thinking we were all gunna get robbed and raped and stuff lol..i smoke a bowl with these weird fucking people and all the black guys keeps saying is " I wanna hit that pipe again" and "Are you going to pack another bowl" then we get to the light at 50 and alafaya and the black guy asks me and ates " so you 2 hooked up?" and at that point we all cannot hold it ne more and we just start cracking up. we drive for a while and finally he tells us that the street is coming up but "its going to be bumpy" .. everyone is fucking freaked out and we come up the house and ates drives through the gate into their yard as me and kyle are like okay okay. the black guy just keeps telling him to get closer and closer until we are already to the doorstep and i tell him that thats enuff. Everyone is ready to get the fuck outta that dark house in the middle of no where.we drop them both off and we drive away going what the hell just happend? why the hell did we pick up these random people. omg seriously one of the craziest and halarious car experiences ever.. the moral of the story is dont let ates drive you anywhere! or just dont pick up crack heads!! lmao what a weird night. all of us agree that if sean and herman werent on there "car ride" we would all have felt safe with sean in the car!
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herman is sleeping on the porch? [Sep. 25th, 2005|03:27 am]
okay so im really stoned and there is nothing to do but watch rap videos...herman is sleeping on the couch on the porch...
he is losing his mind.

ps- I HATE LIVEJOURNAL..myspace is better.
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gettin jiggy wit it NA NA NA NA NA NA NA [Sep. 21st, 2005|12:42 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

so ates help me discover this shit last night that i didnt even kno i still had... and i didnt want to write in it but i just go outta class a little while ago after a test and definatly got an A!! yessssssssssssssssssss...thats all
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